How to Autoloop Youtube Videos when using Youtube API


Youtube Api

It is imperative for digital marketers to use videos to capture their target audience. Since the online world is dominated by vast amount of digital noise, brands need to stand out so their audience will notice them. One of the things that a brand can do is to use Youtube API to embed youtube videos that can tell the story for their brands.


However, the challenge sometimes is the technical part of it. You want the video to continuously run while your viewer is on the site. You don’t want the connection that you just made with your user to stop. That’s why in this article, we’ll tackle how you can autoloop your chosen youtube videos when you are using videos through Youtube API.


Autoplay Embedded Videos


The good thing about Youtube is you can choose a lot of videos from this site, and use it in your own without additional setup and download. This is very convenient to do because you can easily see your results right away. But it takes some time getting used to the process but the good thing about it is, it’s definitely easy and doable.


To do it, the first thing you should do is select the video, and share it. Once you click the share button, choose the “Embed” option so you can use it in your site.


Copy the link and modify it right after the version part. For example, if the video url is, then start modifying at version=3.


Separated by & after the number 3, add autoplay=1, loop=1, controls=0.